Carolyn’s science journalism provides crucial context during the Covid-19 pandemic in this article for The Walrus.

Cracks in the code – read Carolyn’s Globe story on the risk of misleading results as DNA testing enters mainstream medicine

The generation that never wanted to grow old is dying ahead of its time. Baby boomers caught in a self-destructive death spiral. Carolyn’s latest for Zoomer Magazine.

Reading your genome is a walk in the park, understanding it – that’s a whole other story. Read more in Chatelaine.

Silicon Valley’s super rich venture into immortality…Carolyn’s Zoomer piece traces the race to beat death.

The messed up revamp of Canadian researching funding, or what happens when you fix a plane in mid-flight. Carolyn covers story for prestigious STAT news.


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The Deep Read:  Carolyn reviews Lawrence Hill’s new book Blood The Stuff of Life.

nathan wp

Remembering the short life of a kindergarten teacher – Read Carolyn’s tribute to Nathan Noel


March 23 – DNA unlocks family secrets of the Chinese juggler, the enigmatic sea-captain and more

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Carolyn covered the medical science beat for the Globe and Mail for 14 years, often writing about the social impact of advances in science.

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